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Super Simple Pipe Cleaner Carrots – Kid Craft

Let your child practice their fine motor skills with today’s SUPER SIMPLE Pipe Cleaner Carrots kid craft idea! It’s perfect for spring and your Easter celebrations as well!

Orange and green pipe cleaners turn into carrots with ease! #gluedtomycrafts

Dip into your pipe cleaner stash and “grow” some carrots with your child today! It’s a garden themed craft without the “dirty” outdoor mess!

Kids will love making these engaging pieces and adults won’t fret over the process or price! Then display your masterpieces as is or maybe turn them into cards for easy gifting. Whatever you decide to do, we hope your little “bunnies” enjoy making them!

Find the full tutorial below! Happy crafting, my friends! #gluedtomycraftsinspiresyou

Super Simple Pipe Cleaner Carrots - Kid Craft

* Orange and Green Pipe Cleaners {one orange and two green per carrot craft}
* Scissors
* Brown Craft Paint or Tempera Paint Crayon in brown {Michaels}
* Tan Cardstock
* Tacky Glue {very important!!!}

Super Simple Pipe Cleaner Carrots - Kid Craft

* First things first – the pipe cleaner carrot, the most important step! Take your orange pipe cleaner, make a slight oval shape and fold/connect the two ends of the pipe cleaner, so they don’t come apart. Now bend/pull your orange pipe cleaner to make a carrot shape. Set aside.
* Next grab your TWO green pipe cleaners. Cut them in half with scissors. Fold/twist them and attach them to the orange pipe cleaner carrot shape, to give the look of the greenery for the carrot. See our picture for example. Once done, set your carrot aside.
* Now grab your tan cardstock and brown paint. Have children paint some “dirt” on the cardstock.
* Next is the tacky glue. Go ahead and put a good amount of tacky glue on one side of the pipe cleaner carrot. Lay your carrot on top of the newly painted tan cardstock.
* Set aside your piece in an undisturbed area, to allow the glue to dry completely. If the pipe cleaner doesn’t want to stick, add more glue or get the glue gun out to really secure it.
* Once done, display proudly!

Super Simple Pipe Cleaner Carrots - Kid Craft

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