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Popsicle Stick Unicorn Horns – Kid Craft

Glued To My Crafts is continuing the UNICORN themed fun on our website!! I’m calling all my unicorn lovers to check out our latest Popsicle Stick Unicorn Horns kid craft idea! It’s going to make your crafty heart pitter patter!! Plus it’s the perfect excuse to make a magical craft day with your child today!!!

Look around your house for the crafty supplies!!! #gluedtomycrafts

With just some simple popsicle sticks, school glue and colorful embellishments – you too can pull this magical craft idea together within minutes!

Perfect for kids {and adults} so don’t delay, grab those craft supplies today and create your own legendary one-of-a-kind unicorn piece!

Happy crafting, my friends!!! #gluedtomycraftsinspiresyou

Popsicle Stick Unicorn Horns - Kid Craft

* Jumbo Popsicle Sticks {2 per unicorn horn}
* Mini Popsicle Sticks {1 per unicorn horn}
* School Glue
* Craft Paint {I used GOLD}
* Paint Brush
* Scissors
* Cardstock {I used GOLD and WHITE}
* Paper Flowers Embellishments
optional – sparkles, glitter, rhinestones etc.

* First grab three popsicle sticks {two JUMBO and one MINI per unicorn horn} and glue them together to look like a triangle. Set aside to let it dry completely. Repeat for each piece you want to make.
* Once those are done drying, go ahead and have children paint their pieces completely gold {or any other color you like!} Again, set aside to let them dry completely.
* Now grab your cardstock paper. Cut out a triangular piece for inside the popsicle stick design, as well as TWO white unicorn ears.
* To finish off the Popsicle Stick Unicorn Horn – have children glue their paper pieces in place, as well as the paper flower hair embellishments. Add as much as you like! Once done, set aside to let it dry completely before displaying proudly!

Popsicle Stick Unicorn Horns - Kid Craft

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