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Craft Foam Seashell Unicorn – Kid Craft

It’s a beachy themed post today with our Craft Foam Seashell Unicorn tutorial!

Once upon a time, I was a contributor for the Darice blog {it was actually pretty awesome and made me feel kinda “cool.”}

Because of that gig, I would get my hands on craft supplies I typically wouldn’t buy myself.

One of the items I picked one month was some craft foam seashells. It’s just one of those things you don’t typically go to a craft store looking for {in my opinion anyways!} But it is one of those craft materials that has made me think outside the box {you can see a previous kid craft post I made last year using them!}

Anyways, long story short – the other day I came across some of the extras I still had in my craft stash and I decided to make something out of them. And with my Craft Foam Heart Unicorn post doing so well this time of year, I thought “hey – these craft foam seashell shapes would make great unicorns too!”

So here we are today and I hope you are inspired by my latest and great “Craft Foam Seashell Unicorns” kid craft tutorial! Happy crafting, my friends!!! #gluedtomycrafts

Craft Foam Seashell Unicorn - Kid Craft

* Large Craft Foam Seashell Shapes {find them HERE}
* Cardstock {various colors, as well as gold}
* School Glue
* Scissors
* Paper Flower Punch
* Black Sharpie Marker
* Small Rhinestones/Glitter
– embellishments like craft paint, puffy paint

Craft Foam Seashell Unicorn - Kid Craft Craft Foam Seashell Unicorn - Kid Craft

* One craft foam seashell will make ONE unicorn.
* First grab your cardstock and scissors. Have children cut a nose, unicorn horn, ears etc. for EACH unicorn they are making. Set all aside.
* With the remaining cardstock, use your flower paper punch to make several flowers for the unicorn’s hair.
* To finish off your Craft Foam Seashell Unicorn, have children glue their cardstock pieces in place, as well adding one rhinestones to the center of the flowers. Then draw on eyes with the black Sharpie marker and any other embellishments they see fit {like glitter, heart stickers etc.} before displaying proudly!
* Remember to encourage your child to really add their own crafty spin along the way!!!

Don’t let the magical crafty fun end here!

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