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Craft Foam Egg Shape Turned Cactus – Kid Craft

Turn simple craft foam egg shapes into cactus friends!!! #gluedtomycrafts

You guys…I have to be real with you all right now. I have had Valentine’s Day on my mind since before Christmas last year. Life of a blogger.

All the ideas that I come up with for Glued To My Crafts, are pretty much thought of, photographed and nearly written out way before YOU even think of the next upcoming holiday.

My husband jokes but it’s true – for me, I’m already in summer and we aren’t even half-way through February. It’s just how my mind works as of late {again, I repeat “life of a blogger” who has been doing this for 5+ years now.}

Anyways – long story short. I’m sadly sick of Valentine’s Day. Like, I want to poke my eyes out even just looking at the stuff on this very blog. Dramatic. Yes. But oh so true.

So today I’ll be wrapping things up for a couple last-minute V-Day posts but from here on out – expect Easter and St. Patty’s Day tutorials in my feed 🙂 Sorry but not sorry! At least you can thank me later when you already have your ideas laid out way before the big day!!!

So back to the real reason for this post. The craft foam Easter egg shapes are going to be hitting the shelves soon {they already have at Michaels!}

Although you probably pass them up EVERY year because you have no clue what to do with those shapes, other than decorate them like eggs, I’m on a mission to make you think outside the box!!! Just like our craft foam heart tutorials on Glued To My Crafts, I’m going to be stretching your imagination and turning those simple shaped pieces into masterpieces {beyond the Easter theme!!!}

My first craft foam egg shape craft for the 2018 year {last year I shared these ideas – Craft Foam Easter Egg Fish and Craft Foam Easter Egg Trucks} is this adorable Craft Foam Easter Egg Cactus. You can’t even tell there is an egg shape under that pot!

So if you are like me, this is a plant you can’t kill and it won’t “sting” if you touch it either! I promise it’s super easy to recreate and less-hassle than the real thing too! Just check out my crafty step-by-step tutorial below!

BTW – stay tuned for more creative ways to use those craft foam egg shapes in your crafts! Happy crafting, my friends!!! #gluedtomycraftsinspiresyou

Craft Foam Egg Shape Turned Cactus - Kid Craft

  • Craft Foam Egg Shapes {already green or you paint it green}
  • Brown.Black/Green/Gold Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • School Glue
  • Black Sharpie Marker

Craft Foam Egg Shape Turned Cactus - Kid Craft

  • Grab your scissors and brown cardstock. Cut out a pot for your cactus. Staple it to your craft foam shape to give the look of a cactus in a pot. See our picture above for an example.
  • Now grab your remaining cardstock. Cut out arms and sunglasses for your cactus.
  • Adhere those pieces to your craft foam shape.
  • Now take your black Sharpie marker and draw on “pricks” all over your piece.
  • Add other embellishments you see fit and display your Craft Foam Egg Cactus proudly for all to see!

We like taking an ordinary item and transforming it into an unexpected piece at Glued To My Crafts!

Although it’s not an Easter egg shape, be sure to check our “outside the box” versions of these craft foam shapes – Craft Foam Seashell Unicorn – Kid Craft and Craft Foam Heart Unicorn – Kid Craft

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