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Colorful Thumbprint Troll Hair – Kid Craft w/free printable

Is your child still on a “Trolls Movie” kick like mine? Well – today’s colorful and completely customizable Thumbprint Troll Hair craft is perfect for kids and adult alike, to create together!

Just download, print and add multi-colored thumbprints all over, to bring your TROLLS to life!

With the help of some clipart files I recently purchased from LisaMarkleSparkles on Etsy {a HUGE shout out to her if you ever need cute graphics for your crafts!} I was able to come up with this troll hair DIY with ease!!!

It’s an idea that is super easy to make within minutes and it’s relatively inexpensive too. If you have a printer in your home – you are well on your way to pulling this bright and colorful activity together in no time! Best part? No two pieces will EVER be alike! Just like in the movie, they all will have their own personality, style and flair!

In this #gluedtomycrafts post, I’ve included a FREE blank troll head printable template, so all you need to do is print the file on some simple white cardstock, grab some of your favorite colored ink pads and have children decorate the troll’s hair with thumbprint marks.  Once done, color in the hair and add wiggle eyes for them to see! Easy peasy!

So let’s get to it! Download the file below and get to work on creating these adorable pieces today. I hope you join in on the fun as well and make an awesome crafter-noon out of it!

Happy crafting my friends! #gluedtomycrafts

Colorful Thumbprint Troll Hair - Kid Craft w/free printable

* Free Template Printable {Download HERE}
* White Cardstock
* Color Printer
* Your Favorite Colored Ink Pads {the more colors the better!}
* Baby Wipes
* Crayons/Markers
* Adhesive
* Wiggle Eyes
optional – embellishments like glitter, rhinestones, small bows etc.

* First download and print the free template printable on white cardstock.
* Next grab your ink pads. Have children press their thumb {or any other finger} on the ink pad, then on the printable to create the troll’s hair. Change up the color and direction of each thumbprint, to make a mosaic look. Repeat until you have the look you like. Clean off ink from fingers with the baby wipes.
* Once done, color in the face with crayons and add wiggle eyes for your troll to see.
* Add other embellishments you see fit {like glitter, rhinestones etc} before displaying proudly!

Colorful Thumbprint Troll Hair - Kid Craft w/free printable

EXTRA CRAFT TIP – if ink pads is not your thing {or you don’t want stained fingers} you can also use washable craft paint instead!

Be sure to also check out our Paint Splat Troll Hair kid post for another magical craft idea! #gluedtomycrafts

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