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30 Beautifully Gorgeous Crochet Gifts That You Can Make Today

1. Easy Crochet Laptop Case

This gorgeous laptop case can easily be crocheted in just a couple of hours and it gives you the opportunity to work with different colors of yarn. It’s a simple case that the laptop slides into and then it has a nice secure latch that you’ll sew on a button for. It really is easy and it’s a lovely case that is perfect for anyone who carries a laptop with them regularly – the soft yarn will also help to keep the laptop protected.

Pattern/Source: rusticstitches

2. Foolproof Crochet Infinity Scarf

This gorgeous infinity scarf is as easy to make as it is fun to wear. It’s literally foolproof so even if you mess up a few stitches, it won’t show. Plus, it’s a super easy pattern. The scarf is about 50 to 60 inches long when it’s finished and there’s an additional pattern to create the button tie embellishment. If you need a quick and stylish gift idea, this is it.

Pattern/Source: mooglyblog

3. Adorable Crochet Baby Cardigan

Adorable Crochet Baby CardiganIf you have an upcoming baby shower and you want an adorable homemade gift, this baby cardigan is perfect. The pattern includes step by step instructions written out completely so there’s no confusion. It’s a super simple little sweater to make and could be for a boy or girl depending on the yarn you choose. Plus, it will only take you a couple of hours to finish even if this is your first crochet project ever.

Pattern/Source: thespruce

4. Snowflake Shaped Crochet Trivet

Snowflake Shaped Crochet TrivetThis snowflake trivet can be used as a last minute Christmas gift or anytime throughout the year. It’s a mixture of crochet and sewing and uses upcycled bottle caps and a few other tricks to make it. It’s really easy though and gives you a wonderful opportunity to practice your simple crochet stitches. Plus, you’ll have a nice little trivet to give out as a gift when you’re finished, and it won’t take you long – you could turn out a few of these in a day’s time.

Pattern/Source: thespruce

5. Lovely Crochet Beaded Necklace

Lovely Crochet Beaded NecklaceThis project is a bit different but it’s just as easy as the others. Instead of crocheting with yarn, you’re actually crocheting the beads onto this necklace. It’s a wonderful gift idea and it’s so easy to do. Even if you have never crocheted or never even made jewelry, you can do this in just about an hour or so and it will make a wonderful gift for anyone you know who loves unique jewelry.

Pattern/Source: notesfromthesomething

6. Beginner’s Crochet Chain Necklace

This chain necklace crochets really easily and you can complete it in an afternoon. If you need a unique gift idea for someone who loves jewelry, this is perfect. The pattern instructions are really easy to read so there’s no confusion throughout and it makes a beautiful crochet necklace that has interlinking chains. Do two different colors and practice on color changing.

Pattern/Source: sharalambethdesign

7. Simple Crochet Hot Pad

One of the first things I remember seeing that was crocheted was my grandmother’s hot pad. Well, she had several that she had crocheted and I remember thinking how detailed and beautiful they were. Any woman would love receiving a hand crocheted hot pad for her kitchen and you can make these in just about an hour each. The design is lovely in the shape of a flower, and it’s the perfect last minute gift for someone who has everything.

Pattern/Source: freecraftunlimited

8. Easy Crochet Grocery Bag

Easy Crochet Grocery BagGive a gift that your recipient will use over and over. This grocery bag is so easy to crochet and you can make a couple of these in a day. You use two colors to give it a great contrast and it really is a simple pattern to follow. This could also be a beach bag or just a regular tote, depending on how it’s used. If you need an awesome and easy gift idea to crochet, this is it.

Pattern/Source: bobwilson123

9. Easy To Crochet Hook Case

Easy To Crochet Hook CaseIf you’re looking for a great gift idea for a fellow crochet lover, this easy crochet hook case is just what you need. With separate sections for crochet hooks, it will help to keep those hooks handy and organized. This is such an easy pattern that you may just want to make one for yourself. It’s worked all in one piece and when it’s finished, it folds over like a book. You won’t find an easier pattern for crochet lovers.

Pattern/Source: ravelry

10. Rose Hook Or Pencil Holder

Rose Hook Or Pencil HolderThis one is great for fellow crochet lovers or anyone who needs a beautiful pencil organizer. The pattern is really simple and the rose shape is simply gorgeous. The holder stands up with the help of a bread crumb holder or there is an alternate pattern if you want to use stuffing instead. It really looks much more complicated than it is. You could easily have this finished in a day.

Pattern/Source: ravelry

11. Easy Crochet Yarn Holder

Easy Crochet Yarn HolderThis simple project is great if you need something for someone who enjoys crocheting as much as you do. It’s a holder for your yarn that keeps center pull yarn from getting tangled as you crochet. You can also tuck your crochet project into it to keep it from getting tangled or unraveled and your hook will fit in here as well. If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone who really enjoys crocheting and you need something simple that won’t take you more than an hour to finish, this is it.

Pattern/Source: talesofthehook

12. Crochet Dragon Egg Bag

Crochet Dragon Egg BagThis little mini bag makes an adorable wristlet. The pattern is a tribute to Daenerys’ dragon eggs from Game of Thrones. If you need a fast and easy crochet gift idea for a Game of Thrones fan, this would be a great project. It’s a really easy pattern and won’t take you long at all to finish. Note that if you work the bag from the outside it will make the petals lay down but if you work it from the inside, the petals stand up. You’ll have to decide which one you want to do before you begin.

Pattern/Source: ravelry

13. Easy Crochet Headband

Easy Crochet HeadbandThis little headband is the perfect crochet gift for a pre-teen or teenager and gives you the chance to practice crocheting chains and double crochet stitches. It’s a really simple pattern and lets you get comfortable working turning chains. It also doesn’t take much yarn so if you have scrap yarn left over from other projects, you can make this. Make a few of them and keep them on hand for quick gifts when you need them.

Pattern/Source: midwesternmoms

14. Super Easy Crochet Dishcloth

Super Easy Crochet DishclothYears ago I received a crochet dishcloth as a Christmas gift and I loved it. Those little things really do a great job of scrubbing dishes or you can use them as a washcloth. They’re also the easiest things to crochet. This pattern is labeled as a very easy beginner’s pattern so you can make these even if you’ve never held a crochet hook. You can also turn one of these out in about 15 minutes so if you have an hour or so, you can make an entire set of dishcloths or washcloths as a gift.

Pattern/Source: thespruce

15. Easy Crochet Ear Bud Covers

Easy Crochet Ear Bud CoversIf you’ve ever used ear buds, you know how easily they can get tangled. These easy crochet ear bud covers take care of that, and this is a super easy pattern. There’s just one stitch and it takes very little yarn. It makes ear buds nearly impossible to tangle and keeps them strong so they don’t break as easily – if you have teenagers you know how many of these you can go through in just a couple of months. This is the perfect gift idea for teens and it’s something you can finish in less than an hour.

Pattern/Source: mooglyblog

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