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25 Fun And Easy Crochet Patterns For Your Cat

1. Cute Crochet Cat Alien Toy

Give your little furry family member his own alien with this easy to crochet toy. Seriously this little alien is just too much fun and your cats are sure to love it. I found this pattern on Etsy – it’s under $4 – and it looks like such an easy project to crochet. You only need to know basic stitches and even if you miss a stitch or two, your little kitty is still going to adore his little alien friend.

Pattern/Source: etsy.com

2. Crochet Toy From Toilet Paper Roll

Crochet Toy From Toilet Paper RollThis little toy not only gives your kitty something to play with, it’s easy to crochet and it lets you use up an empty toilet paper roll or two. The stitching itself is really simple and the end result is an amazing toy that your kitties are going to adore, right down to the little jingle bells hanging off the bottom. This is a really unique toy – given the toilet paper roll – and something that you’ll be able to complete in about an hour or so.

Pattern/Source: dabblesandbabbles

3. Simple Crochet Cat Bed

Simple Crochet Cat BedYour kitties need their own place to snooze and this crochet cat bed is perfect for giving them their own space. They’ll love the softness of the yarn and you’ll love how easy it is to crochet. You need to know basic stitches and this one may take a while depending on your skill level, but your cats will love you for it. Even a beginner can have it done in just a few hours and it beats paying more than $20 for a bed at Wal-Mart.

Pattern/Source: dabblesandbabbles

4. Big Crochet Ball Of Yarn

Big Crochet Ball Of YarnYou know how cats love to play with balls of yarn, right? Well, this one is all their own. You crochet their own really large ball and then maybe they’ll leave your yarn balls alone. This pattern is so easy and you only need to know the most basic crochet stitches. It’s a little over three inches in diameter when complete so it’s perfect for your bigger kitties who like bigger toys. Plus, you can have it completed in about an hour or so.

Pattern/Source: ravelry

5. Crochet Bouncing Rainbow Cat Toy

Crochet Bouncing Rainbow Cat Toy him losing it while playing. It’s a pretty simple pattern even with the complicated looking design and filled with gorgeous rainbow colors. You’ll need to know a few stitches aside from the basic crochet stitch, but they’re not complicated stitches by any means.

Pattern/Source: mazkwok

6. Bulky Crocheted Cat Bed

Bulky Crocheted Cat BedThis cat bed is a bit different than a simple crochet. It’s a super bulky bed that your cat will love cuddling up in and it’s actually really simple to make. Instead of using yarn, you crochet this one with jersey t-shirt material that has been cut into strips. You also need some pretty big crochet hooks for this one. You can pick up old shirts at Goodwill or another thrift store for a dollar or so each, and you only need a couple to make this bed.

Pattern/Source: thezenofmaking

7. Easy Crochet Captain American Shield Cat Toy

Easy Crochet Captain American Shield Cat ToyThis little cat ball has the shield of Captain America to keep him safe. If you, or someone in your home, is a huge fan of the Avengers or just Captain America in general, this is the perfect cat toy for you to crochet. Plus, it’s a simple workup and won’t take you long at all to complete. You crochet the shield over a plastic cat ball and when it’s finished, it’s really sturdy so your cats aren’t likely to tear it up easily.

Pattern/Source: ravelry

8. Cat’s Cradle Crochet Bed

Cat’s Cradle Crochet BedThis little bed is a bit different than others in that it expresses your cat’s own personality. It has a cat’s face right on the front. It’s whimsical and very comfy for your little kitties. The pattern is really simple to follow and you don’t need to know any complicated stitches. I found this little pattern on Etsy for around $4, which is still much cheaper than it would cost to buy a bed, especially an adorable bed like this with a cat’s face and ears!

Pattern/Source: etsy.com

9. Simple Crochet Kitty Collar

Simple Crochet Kitty CollarThis kitty collar pattern is so simple and will cost you much less to make than those stiff, uncomfortable collars at pet stores. It uses the most basic crochet stitches and all you need aside from yarn is a fastener, which you can pick up at pet stores or hobby and craft shops. You can even add a little jingle bell to it so that you know where your kitty is at all times. This is a really comfortable collar for cats and can be worked up in less than an hour.

Pattern/Source: ravelry

10. T-Shirt Yarn Catnip Crochet Cat Balls

T-Shirt Yarn Catnip Crochet Cat BallsThese cat balls are crocheted from t-shirt yarn and so very simple to make. You only need one t-shirt to create a small ball or you can use a second if you want the ball to be larger. You fill a sachet with catnip, valerian or other herbs and then crochet the ball around it. Cats will love playing with these soft catnip filled balls and you’ll love how very easy they are to crochet.

Pattern/Source: tomacreations

11. Crochet Door Hanger Bouncy Toy

Crochet Door Hanger Bouncy ToyHere is another great bouncy toy that you can crochet in about an hour or less. It hangs from a doorknob and gives your little kitty hours of play time. It’s listed as an easy for beginner’s pattern, which means you can do this even if you’ve never crocheted before. You just need to know basic crochet stitches and have about an hour set aside to make it. Your cats will love playing with it as much as you love making it.

Pattern/Source: lionbrand

12. Catnip Crochet Fish Toy

Catnip Crochet Fish ToyCats love fish – or at least they love watching the ones in my aquarium. To that end, they need little fish of their own so that they leave the real ones alone. This little fish toy can be worked up in less than an hour and it’s filled with catnip, so your little kitties will love it much more than they love those goldfish in a bowl.

Pattern/Source: mammathatmakes

13. Easy Crochet Fish Skeleton Toy

Easy Crochet Fish Skeleton ToyHere’s another fish for your kitties to play with, only this one is just the skeleton. It’s fun and really cute and so easy to crochet. The pattern is available on Etsy for less than $4 and although there is a bit of assembly required after you’ve crocheted all your pieces, it’s listed as an easy project for beginners and shouldn’t take you longer than an hour to put it all together. Plus, your cats are going to love playing with this whimsical toy.

Pattern/Source: etsy.com

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